Setting default text tool color in Layout


Somehow my text tool is defaulting to white every time I go back to the text tool. In other words each time I use the tool I have to open the color window and reset the tool to black. How do I fix this?


After you fix the text color for one text entity, select the Text tool. Type s and the cursor will turn into an eye dropper. click on the fixed text to sample it and go on with placing text. If you need to fix a number of pre-existing text entities, modify one, get the eyedropper tool from the toolbar at the top and sample the that text. then click on the other text entities to fix them.

If you have to do this for each new LayOut project, you should fix your template so the text is the right color and save it as a new template.


DaveR. You say

after you fix the text color for one text entity

…… In 2018 Layout I cannot figure out how to do this. Using either the Text or Label tool. I am trying to select the text and drag the color from the picker tray. Because I don’t see a tray or dialogue box relative to Text. Only Bigger and Small adjustments to Type. What am I not seeing?