Trouble changing the default font color in the label tool

I am trying to change the default color for the font that is attached to the label tool.
I am able to change the other default characteristics such as the style or shape of the arrow or the color of the line (stroke) but can not get the font color to stay changed.
Is there another hidden preference menu that forces the default color of a tool?

Any ideas?

Hello, it works fine here,

Have you changed the color in text styles right after selecting the label tool ?

Hi Greg-

That’s a new bug in LayOut 2018, sorry about that!

Here’s a workaround:
Create a label.
Select that label.
Set the font color so the label looks the way you want.
Switch to the label tool.
Press the “s” key to activate the style sampler.
Click on the throw-away label to sample the text color into the label tool.

Note that this will sample the entire label style, not just the text color.


Sorry, but this triggered my inner nitpicker.

Is this really a “new bug” or is it actually a “newly discovered bug”?

The bug did not exist in 2017.

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