Changing default shape style


Hi there,
Working on a lighting plan in Layout , entering many quotations ,don’t like the default arrows at the end , going back and forth to change them everytime , is there a way to keep the one I want as a default ?


So I assume you are using the Label tool. Select the tool and immediately go to the Shape Style window. Edit the arrowhead style and whatever else you want to change. Then go to placing labels.

The same applies to other tools such as Dimensions and the various drawing tools.

If you want different arrows and such in all of your future projects, open a new LO file and make the changes. Then use File>Save as template and make your own template to start with in the future.


Also remember that if you’ve already got a modified label and you want to place more that match it, you can select the Label tool, press S and sample the modified label. The Label tool will now work with the settings sampled from the label you clicked on.

And if you edit one label and need to change the style of others in the project, you can click on the Style eye dropper, sample the edited one and then click on the others to change them.


Wonderful !


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