Shape Style is not showing in Default Tray

Hi There,

I have just started using SketchUp. I found this forum very helpful, so though I can ask my question here.

I would like to change the properties of a line, in default tray, there is no shape style as mentioned in some help tutorials. I activated all windows of the tray, but still I cannot change my line to an arrow or change the color. Is there any simple trick to get to see it?


Shape Style is a feature of LayOut, not SketchUp which would explain why you can’t find it. You can change line color in several ways in SketchUp. You can edit the color for all lines under the Edit tab which will appear in the Styles window when you set the Styles library to In Model.

As for adding arrowheads in SketchUp, you’ll have to draw them manually.

Thanks Dave for the help. As I said I just started today and my questions are too basic !!

I want to do the design for a landscape. Can I make it in sketchUp Make or its features are limited to very simple functionalities?

When you look at help files and tutorials, make sure you check to see that they are for SketchUp. That’ll save a lot of confusion.

You can do landscape designs in SketchUp Make but LayOut is the ticket for creating plans and other documentation. Keep in mind that SketchUp Make is for personal use only.

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Also, SketchUp is a 3D modeler. This means it has edges, not lines (even though there is a historically badly named tool named "LineTool.)

If you want to point at something and add a text callout, use the TextTool (it’s icon looks just like a leader and callout.) You can change the arrowhead type, etc. (ModelInfo > Text) or select the callout and change individually via the EntityInfo inspector.

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