Inconsistent Line Styles

I have this drawing for which I want toi uniformly change the line widths and their color. I went into “Styles” and with Simple Style active, selected “Edit”. Edges is checked, and I changed the “Profiles” value to 3. Some of the lines changed, but the circles didn’t nor did the one horizontal line.

What did I do wrong, and what must I do to achieve what I desire to do?

OWL AF2.skp (184.8 KB)

Though it as been a frequent request over the years, you can’t do what you are seeking via SketchUp. There is no setting for line widths as such, and profiles are the outer boundaries where the edge of an object meets the background (including “virtual” boundaries for things such as smoothed surfaces). At heart, the issue is that SketchUp is a 3D modeler and features such as line width are more in the realm of 2D drawings. You could do this in LayOut, however.

Thank you slbaumgartner. I tried to do this in Layout, but clearly I don’t know how. I brought my base image into Layout but I don’t know how to select the lines of my drawing to edit (color and line width). I can only select the drawing as a whole, so that when I try to apply stroke properties in shape style, it just changes the format of the border around the imported Sketchup import.

Are you still using SketchUp 2018?