I can't edit the styles for my 2d floor plan

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Newbie here. I have created a simple floor plan of a front room in Sketch Up Pro. I now want to make solid walls filled with black and edit the line thickness before exporting the file to Layout where I will add the dimensions.

I have the wall lines in a group and click edit group and then go into styles under the window drop down. Once there I try to edit/apply fill and change selected line weights and nothing happens. I am using a 2d template in mm.

I don’t know where I’m going wrong because when I watch tutorials I seem to be doing everything that is suggested.

Thank you for your responses in advance . :slight_smile:

Assignment 2 - Floor Plan.skp (11.2 KB)
I have attached the file here.

I’m an Interior Design student and am very confused.

Thank youuuuu.

The only “lineweight” adjustment you can make in SketchUp is with Profile edges. If you are using tags correctly you can adjust lineweight by tag in LayOut or you could explode the viewport after rendering it as Vector in LayOut.

In your model you had the Face Style set to Wireframe so no faces will be displayed. Set the Face Style to Shaded or Shaded with Textures so the faces will be displayed. Also turn off X-ray.

Hi Dave,

I hope you have had an amazing Christmas.

I’ll try that now.

Also I have all these files that have appeared in my folder and don’t know which one to open and edit. I remember you saying something about this. I’ve attached a photo.
Screenshot 2022-12-29 at 12.23.18

Hi Corrina,

It was very nice, thank you. I hope yours was equally amazing.

You should be working on the files that do not have a tilde (~) in the name. The files with the tildes are backup files that SketchUp and LayOut create automatically. In your screenshot you show files with two tildes which indicates you have been editing the backup files.

At this point I would suggest that you look at the files that have one tilde in the name. If they are the latest version of your project files, use Save as to save them with the original file name without the tilde. Then delete the files with two tildes.

Also check in LayOut’s Document Setup>References. Relink the SketchUp file to the version without the tilde.

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Thank you Dave, very helpful as always. Almost there :slight_smile: