How do I change edge thickness to match profile set thickness?

I would like to know how to set edge style so I can work in hidden line setting and not have to constantly delete faces. I want all edges to be the same thickness in Sketchup.

[hopefully the screen shot image shows up…]
A - I want all line weights to show as profile setting 2 [C]
B - when faces are automatically generated the edge separating seems to always default to line weight 1
F - can’t be seen but these are faces
crossed out F - face has been deleted
What is the setting to allow all edges to present as line weight setting 2, regardless of there being a face or not. {I want line weight 2, I state this because I know when I work with profile setting 1 the line weights match in appearance}
Hope there is an answer that will provide a solution for me…
Thank you

You can’t change the line weight to 2.

That is specifically what I did not want to have to do to avoid deleting faces.
As I prepare my framing review check, I copy, paste out of group, and re-group elements from the panel fabrication designer’s imported dxf file to show corrections. The dxf file edges, when imported to SU, do not generate faces. When I end up editing my red mark-up groups I draw revisions and faces are generated. Later, I end up printing to pdf along with my SU markups along with the originally imported dxf file and various consultant imported PNG images prepared from the arch, structural, mech, elec, marketing pdf files. I need my markup line work to be size 2 or it is non-distinguishable on the file review document that is returned to the contractor designer whom must update prior to fabrication.

Can anyone else offer input to assist specific to my requirements?

Well there’s no way to change the thickness of non-profile edges in SketchUp. Period.

In LayOut you can adjust the weight of edges in the SketchUp Model panel and you can adjust the multiplier by Tag. That’s basically all you get though.

So to accomplish what I need, I will have to continue to delete faces so my line work presents at profile edge thickness 2?
SU should provide an option to allow edges separating faces to be set to a particular line weight.
Layout is too slow and inefficient to use for what I do plus my required PNG image backgrounds don’t show up when I send to layout.

Deleting the faces in SketchUp would be the option there. Giving a tag to the group containing that geometry would make line weight control in LayOut a simple thing and would eliminate the need to delete faces.

I expect there are things you can improve in your modeling that would make things faster in LayOut. and you should be able to have the PNG images displayed.

My use of Sketchup is commonly for review and to be able to provide effective direction.
How I use it now is more efficient & accurate than manual scaling, pencil line work and light table overlays using paper, however, as an Engineer/GC, when I use Layout it slows me down so much that I may as well go back to pencil, paper, scale rule & triangle.
I have been chipping away at learning SU over the past 3 or 4 years or so but, by god, I wish I could get some one on one assistance to perhaps improved my knowledge in operating this software (especially layout) specifically to what I wish to achieve. I.e. I can draw from scratch and send to Layout well, however, that is not what I am up against. I am using this software to work with other files including dxf, dwg, png (c/o pdf), scanned diagrams (converted to png). I really like how I can generate 3D models for coordinating purposes but 90% of what I do in SU is 2D. I am likely unique, however, I SU has really be a blessing in my workflow, for the most part. I do wish the final product I print from SU could look like a CAD file which would look closer to what the consultants prepare. I also wish the text callups could be set to work in 2D and scale in size with the screen, like in pdf markup software…

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I can do one-on-one instruction. Drop me a private message.

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Really? I am in Calgary Alberta Canada.
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