How to apply line weights to 2d Plans in Sketchup Pro/Layout without creating a 3d Model?

Moderate Beginner in SketchUp Pro.

I only use Sketchup Pro for drawing 2d plans which has mostly been successful. Now I’d like to take those plans into Sketchup Layout. I’ve understood the concept of creating scenes and inserting them into my Sketchup Layout template.

What i’m struggling with is Line Weights. In softwares that I’ve used in the past (like Vectorworks) you could manually adjust each individual line to any desired line weight. When I’ve researched how to do this in Sketchup I can only find tutorials on how to do this after having created a 3d model via ‘Styles’ (which is something I don’t want to do)

So, is there a way to achieve adjusting line weights on a simple 2d floor plan, be it in Sketchup Pro or Layout? NB: I do not want to create a 3d model.

Thanks in advance.

Line weight is a 2D concept. Lines in SketchUp are intended as edges do define limits of faces of 3D shapes Other than setting Profile edges heavier than other edges (in Style Edit) there’s no line weight options. You can however explode the viewport in LayOut after Vector rendering it and the set line weights using Shape Style settings.

If all you’re going to do is make 2D plans, you could do that in LayOut using Scaled Drawing. Then you can change line weights on the fly.

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I’ve managed to get around creating an entire model of the floor plan by only creating 3d walls, creating a section cut and then creating individual scenes for 2d objects that I want to have different line weights by applying different styles to them.

I’ve then gone into sketchup layout and literally layered those viewports/scenes on top of each other. Seems to work ok so far…

Stacking viewports is a common procedure in LayOut. I use it frequently myself. I put each viewport on a separate layer so I can access the ones buried underneath without having to move the ones above.

I have wondered about doing this myself. I haven’t had a serious go at it but there seems to be so much more flexibility drawing in SU. It is useful, for example, to be able to stretch shapes even when they are only 2D. I suspect one would struggle using the much more basic tools available in LO. But maybe I’m wrong? I wonder if anyone out there has started doing plans this way?

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