Shape Style Panel


Hi, I can’t seem to locate the Shape Style panel in Sketchup 7.1


really, I need to exhume my xp pc.


I’ve never heard of “the Shape Style Panel”,… is it an extension ?


No, not an extension. I am simply trying to adjust the line width and color on a shape. Thanks


Is this about LayOut or SketchUp ?

SketchUp is a 3D modeler and does not have lines. It has edges which do not have width nor color.
(But can be rendered with a style from the Style manager.)

You can render edges in color if you either set edge color to “By Layer” or “By material”, this is also done in the Style manager panel.

For the “by material” setting, you’ll need to paint the edges with a material using the PaintBucket tool.

For the “by Layer” setting, you’ll need to group the edges and assign the group to use a layer, and set the layer’s color to whatever you wish.


Shape style is a LayOut thing, not SketchUp.


Many thanks, Dan!


Is Layout a plug-in? Thanks!


Yes, I realize that it’s ancient. I can’t run the newer versions because I have OS 10.6.8. Thanks


Layout is a seperate program that is included with the paid version of SU, which is Sketchup Pro.


Skyzxx answered your question correctly.


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