Label Tool reverting to default Shape Style

I have a problem with the Label Tool. If I draw a label and then alter it to the Shape Style I require and then select the style with the eyedropper tool to set it, when I select the label tool again it reverts to the default Shape Style. This does not happen when I go through the same procedure with the Dimension Tool.

So this means every time I make a new label I then have to go through the procedure of using the eyedropper to select the style I want and paint bucket it to the new label.

I have tried reinstalling SketchUP and have gone through repair permissions, but it made no difference.

Is there something I am missing? Another way of setting the label tool style?

These steps should work:

  • select label tool
  • make adjustments to style
  • place labels

(no eyedropper needed)

Thanks Cotty, you are right it does work that way.

I was hung up on the dimension tool saving the settings when selected by the eyedropper and was expecting the label tool to behave in the same way.
I use this method for the dimension tool so that I can paste a dimension from a previous layout drawing into a new drawing and then quickly use it to set a style I find works for me. Much quicker than every time manually setting the style again.

Be nice if there was similar behavior between the two tools, label & dimension.