Setting a components "glue to" surface

I am hoping to find an overatching guide or tutorial on components/dynamic components. Specifically I am wondering how do I go about setting a components “glue to” surface so to speak. For instance, say you build a window or door component which also has casing attached. When you place the component you dont want it to snap/glue to the outer extremity of the component because that is the outer face of the casing/trim. Rather you want the component to snap to the jamb plane of the window/door? I am trying to figure out how to do this. Do I build the trim as one set of components and bring them into the door and jamb assembly? Do I have to do this in a certain order? Do I have to use dynamic components and is there some sort of offset?

Sorry for the million options but I think its pretty straight forward.

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right click the component and move the axis to the required point, the cutting plane is xy, with z out. if the glue to any surface is not set, select the item, then in the component broswer change to edit tab, select the glue to: option, then tick cut opening.

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