HELP with components

I am trying to build a simple house using sketch up on a mac and am having problems with making windows from from scratch. I am able to design a window, turn it into a component but when I go to place it on my exterior walls the windows only stick to surfaces on one side of the house. I have clicked on stick to any but it does not work.
Can anyone please help?
Much appreciated.

A self-cutting, glue-to component, such as a window, is ever faithful to its original mate. Once you stick an instance of such a component to Face X, no other face than X will ever be its mate. It won’t cut any other face, and if you unglue it, it will never glue again. It would be sort of romantic if we weren’t talking about…you know, windows.

So just pull fresh, new instances of the window component from the Component browser instead of reusing or copying existing instances.