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I have just upgraded to the new version of SUP. Is there a keyboard shortcut for making a tag layer current without the need to hit the pencil icon in the tray?

The reason I ask is that I have a model from a client which has many layers of complex info so the tag names are a bit long. To see the pencil icon, I need to widen the tray to activate the current layer which reduces working space on the main modelling window.

If there isn’t a keyboard short cut, is there another way?


By “activate the current layer”, I presume you mean make it possible to draw raw geometry on it?

I am sure you must know that it is generally considered a no-no to ascribe raw geometry to anything other than Untagged. I guess that may be difficult if the model you received does not follow the rule.

I presume there are also too many layers to go through renaming them to something shorter?

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Hi Simon. Thanks for the response.

Yes, there are many layers, too many to change. I just need to know if there’s another way of setting a layer current without the need to hit the pencil icon in the tray. I’m guessing from the response that there’s no other way.

Thanks anyway.

Could you explain why you want to make a layer active?
We may be able to point you to a better option.

Actually as others told it is not recommended to do so, but you can do:

Well, blow me! I tried that in the very first instance but it wasn’t making it current. It’s working now so no idea why that happened. Must be operator error/fatigue as I continue to spin plates in my business.

With regard to current layer status, I’ve always modelled the projects in layers as I go, but make certain layers current as and when I’m working on separate groups. So, for example, on the highway projects, I’ll model terrain, roads and footways, kerbing and entourage objects on separate layers. As I progress and edit and import models onto each specific layer, I’ll make each group layer currents as I tweak and import additional models.

Being an AutoCAD user over the years, I have obviously adopted this way of working. So, what’s best practice with you? Work in Untagged then assign layers with outliner? I’d welcome some advice if there’s a more efficient way of modelling in my work flow.


Thanks, Box. See response to Dezmo below.

Regards Rich.

The best practice in SketchUp is to leave Untagged active at all time. Create and leave all edges and faces untagged. Use groups and components to separate geometry and give those groups and components tags as needed to control their visibility. No errors due to geometry having tags. No need to chase the active layer as you are modeling or making edits making the model workflow much more fluid. No need to about what tag was given to an object when you need to open it for editing.

There are no layers in SketchUp. Tags are given to objects (components and groups) in Entity Info, not Outliner.

Here’s an example from one of my simpler models. There are 117 component definitions, 699 component instances in the model space and 28 tags.

If I used your work flow I would have to figure out what tag is assigned to a component, find it in the Tags list, and make it active before I can make any edits. Using the method I outlined above and which others have already advised you to use, I don’t even need the Tags panel open to edit the model because all geometry inside each component is untagged and Untagged is active at all time.


Ok DaveR, makes sense. I’ll review my workflow…

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