Tags - How do you make current?

With past versions, there was a column in the tags (layers) window that allowed you to set a certain one current. I am running 21.0.391 and there is only a visibility and name column. How do you set the current tag? Do you have to draw your model and then retroactively change portions to certain tags?

On a Mac, the column still exists but it is to the far right.

Most experienced users do not change the current tag from Untagged. If you do, you tend to run into all sorts of difficulties (unless you are very well organized!).

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We are an AutoCAD-based office so our mentality is everything on it’s correct layer/tag. If this no longer is easily done in Sketchup, I guess we’ll change how our models are created. Really comes in handy though when clients want to see 3 different versions of the same model during meetings and you can just turn things on/off - have used numerous times. 2020 seemed to handle this better.

The functionality is still the same, but as @simoncbevans is saying, you are best served leaving the default tag as active, and assigning groups/components to other tags as they are created (this has been and still is the ideal SU workflow).


You can do exactly what you want in Sketchup but you would normally use scenes to create different versions (though there are a number of different ways).


You do this by assigning your groups/components tags (entity info). Much easier than remembering to click on/off specific tags every time you draw.


That can still be true in SU. But apply Tags ONLY to groups or components, not to edges or faces (with very rare exceptions when you understand what you are doing and why). You can also apply Tags to non-geometric entities like text, dimensions, and section planes, to control their visibility - usually saving the result in Scenes - which may optionally also preserve other properties like camera position, view, hiding or showing selected objects (independently of tagging), styles, highlighting profiles and/or endpoints, and other properties.

And leave the default tag as Untagged (almost) always. Draw all lines and edges with Untagged set as the default.

Be aware, though, that if you explode a tagged group or component, the exploded geometry will have the parent object’s tag assigned. So while the exploded geometry is still selected, go to Entity Info and reset its tag to Untagged.

In SU, Tags only control visibility of objects, and line style of edges contained in a tagged object (group or component).

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Thanks for all the responses. It’s just a different mindset than we’re used to. Gotta remember it’s not AutoCAD :wink:. We do create CAD blocks this way so we just need to translate that to our Sketchup models.

Absolutely! AutoCad it is NOT.

You will find that a lot of architecture based SU users here (myself included) came from a 2D CAD background and so had to get used to the different way SU works. It’s actually a better system as you really never need think about which “layer” is active and that pen symbol stays in the same place all the time.

There are lots of other things for AC users to get used to, such as lines being edges, copying as a sub-species of moving, and mirroring being done differently. Oh, and thinking of a balloon as a “solid”!

Yeah, we’ve used Sketchup for several years now but have started implementing it more. Have to dust off the cobwebs.