Assigning a shortcut to a layer

I wonder if there is a way of assigning a shortcut to a layer. It would be VERY usuful because I need to hide and unhide it all the time

There are no layers in SketchUp. There’s no native way to assign a keyboard shortcut to show or hide a specific tag. You could create a scene that has that tag hidden and another that does.

By the way, please fix your forum profile. You are not using SketchUp for Schools.

I have scenes setup for working. Camera doesn’t move, but the tags change. It’s easy to quickly turn on my references, turn on only doors and windows, turn only the roof and walls, etc.

Page up / page down will let you scroll through your scenes quickly (assuming you only have a few for working).

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If you’re into Ruby and the SketchUp API, I could share a script I use to toggle tags on / off.

It’s not a clever script – I hard code the tags I want to toggle and you would need to amend the script to your tag names.

It’s great because I just have the one modeling scene and as I’m modelling I toggle tags on / off on the fly…

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Would it work in SketchUp 2017 when tags were called layers

I’m not an API guru but in the API tags are still layers, so theoretically it should still work.

I could post the code here and some of the API / Ruby gurus might take a look at it and suggest that it could be more efficient or that some of the code is not quite correct…

Because many of the easier shortcut keys are assigned to other regular actions, I have assigned more convoluted ctrl +shift + alt + keys as shortcuts to toggle tags.

To make these shortcuts faster to implement I use AutoHotKey, so that pressing space + w, for example, toggles the wall tag, space + n toggles between existing and proposed arrangements, and so on…

use at your own risk, etc., etc…

PMC_ToggleTags.rb (3.0 KB)

iam afraid to use since I already have some color bugs in my model right now. But thank you very much Paul.