Serious virus in sketch up WARNING


can anybody help how to get rid or block sketch up from viruses. In sketchup i have got a cloud of geometry virally imported and its not possible to get tid of this. its called coptoir quartz blanc or this model is downloading the virus. does anyone know how to inform sketchup programmers about this bug?

How did you come to the conclusion that this is caused by a virus? What did you download that caused it? Where did you get it from? Does it show up in every SketchUp model of just this one?

Your screenshot seems to show a faulty SketchUp model but nothing that could be attributed to a virus. Have you added text tags and then removed the objects they were pointing at?
The screenshots look familiar - haven’t we seen them before? If your model went like this after you inserted a component from the 3D Warehouse, you should try removing all instances of it and purging your model.

Looks like a model that got way out of hand nothing more. Bad decisions and improper use use of imports led to this most likely. Thing is, SketchUp doesn’t just start downloading anything into your models. That doesn’t happen.

Like @DaveR, I’m not clear what you did to cause this nor why you think it is a virus or a bug. Please explain more.

The images show a tremendous amount of stuff scattered all over the model, but it’s not possible to tell from the images quite what is going on. The issues resemble a model we analyzed here on the forum recently that had a seriously defective component named “Pergola - Wind Screen” imported from the 3DWarehouse. If you got this result after importing from the 3DWarehouse, it is not a virus or a bug, it is because the 3DWarehouse does not have any quality control. Amateurs regularly post models there that contain serious flaws. One should never import a 3DWarehouse model directly into a working model. Always download to a separate model first and check for any problems with what you got.

Are you saying that SketchUp imported something without you doing anything? If so, that’s not a behavior I have ever heard of before. Did you install an extension/plugin that might have done this?

What is called that? Also, did you mean “comptoir quartz blanc”, which is a kind of countertop material? If so, is that a component or material you imported into your model? Where did you obtain it? When you import things, SketchUp only checks for valid content, it does not make any judgement about quality of content.

If you can share your model someone here can almost surely clean it up for you. There is no such thing as content that can’t be erased from a SketchUp model, but there are ways to make it more awkward. (The model looks complex enough that it is likely larger than the 10MB you can upload directly to the forum. If so, put it on a file sharing location such as DropBox or whatever you prefer and share the link here).