Sketchup crash when import anything from 3D Warehouse

Each time i want to import somthing direcly to my drawing on sketchup from the warehouse, the système crash.
I have the sketchup pro 2019 on mac !

Please help me

What are you trying to import from the Warehouse? Can you provide a link?

Can you import it from the Warehouse into an otherwise blank new file?

Anything, I try with several different item.
however I am able to save it on my computer and then import it.
But this is much less efficien.
Yes I can import into a viege file, but none of the files I had in progress before updating my sketchup (2018 to 2019)

How large are the files you have in progress? Have you tried purging unused stuff from the files. Window>Model Info>Statistics>Purge Unused.

What happens if you import the file from the Warehouse into a blank file and then copy it and paste it into the in progress file?

Generally it is advisable to download components from the Warehouse into a separate blank file before you add them to your main project file. That gives you an opportunity to examine them to make sure they are OK. Also you can get rid of unneeded geometry, materials, and layers before adding all that stuff to your main file.

Can you share a specific example of a component that seems to cause SketchUp to crash?

I just purged unused, and I can import things, but it’s still much slower than in the blank document.

Yes it works well when I download in the blank file, I will continue to operate in this way.

The component that made everything crash is a Cooker Hood, but I can not find the file anymore.

When you say crash, do you actually mean a crash or just that it slows down or freezes? Do you have any extension installed? Extension using observers may interfere with placing components.

This tells me that your file must be quite large and there was probably a large amount of unused components, materials, etc. As @eneroth3, asks, is SketchUp crashing or is it just not responding for a period of time? It could be that your huge file is just making your computers graphics work hard.

If you find the cooker hood again, share the link.

I also find it very hard to import things in SketchUp.
When you say extensions using observers - how do I know if my extensions are using observers or not? To make things go faster, do I have uninstall these extensions before importing lots of stuff?

Many extensions are used by pressing a button, and they carry out whatever task they do for you. Other extensions use observers hook into SketchUp and react to something being done in SketchUp. As an example a renderer can update its view just when you change the camera in SketchUp, even if you don’t explicitly interacted with the renderer per se.

It’s a difference that isn’t obvious (and shouldn’t be) to most users, but it can be useful to know when debugging. If an extension that doesn’t use observer struggles you usually notice it right away because something went wrong when you clicked a button belonging to that extension. An error related to an observer can be much harder to pinpoint as it can occur when you do something seemingly unrelated to the extension.

Thank you for your extremely fast(, albeit not quite easy) answer ! :slight_smile:
Having a clean install on another machine might be the quicker route for me, rather than testing all the installed extensions one by one…

  • or just temporarily disable all extensions. Worked great for me.