Serial number iMac - where to find?

Serial number of SkechUp PRo on my iMac (Apple OS Ventura 13.3.1) - where can i find it?

In the helpcenter it says:
Click SketchUp > License > License Info

But on my iMAc there is no Licence under the SketchUp menu, see picture

Since SketchUp changed to subscription basis there is no longer a serial number. You must sign in (click the little icon like a person at upper right on the SketchUp window). The page you were looking at must be for a pre-subscription version of SketchUp.


Ummm… i actually want to use the licence on a PC and not on my iMac anymore. Then how do i install on the pc and use my license?

Same thing: sign in using the email you used for your subscription.

But i fist have to install the software on the pc, right? Bcs i have a lical PRO version and not a free web version.

Yes. First sign out from (click that same icon) and close SketchUp on the iMac. Then download and install SketchUp (on windows, right-click the installer and choose run as administrator). Then launch and sign in from the windows version.

Sorry, real rookie here. Where do I download and install SketchUp for Windows? I have been looking on the SketchUp site but i can only find the option to buy it again!

Great thx!

Now 1 last questiom: I have this whole Group of programs in my license… how do i install/access all of these?

It’s a bit complicated:

click SketchUp->Manage Licensing

You will probably have to sign in again even if you did so in SketchUp

On the web page dialog that opens, click Manage Subscription

click your subscription and then view included applications

You should see a page of apps your subscription enables and download links to get them.

Ok, I will try that later, thx!
For now i’m struggeling with Windows 11 Home-S edition.
It wont let me install non-Microsoft exe’s… i have to undo the S-edition
Trying too find ou how
Then I can install SketchUp
Then I can do the Manage Licensing part

Big thx for now slbaumgartner!

I disabled the home-S edition and was able to install SketchUp
Then i could Manage Subscriptions an add new apps…
so… tadaaaaaa… I am running it now!
Thanxxxx a looot @slbaumgartner !

It now says Manage License instead of License. In the same screen you can manage either your subscription, or a Classic license if you had one of those.

You have a subscription, and so if you sign in on the iMac with the email address you use in the forum, SketchUp would work on Mac as well.

There is a 2023 version you could use as well.