Sensitive Mouse Scroll Wheel / Zoom - Driving me NUTS

Running Sketchup Web inside Chrome (Windows 10). I have a Logitech MX Master mouse and have the mouse scroll sensitivity turned down to 1 line but when I zoom inside Sketchup, the sensitivity is an order of magnitude to high - its impossible for me to zoom in on an area. Then when I go to a regular web page, I my scrolling returns back to 1 line and its spin the wheel forever to get through page. I’m outta options and just about ready to throw this program out the window.

I have the same issue in Google Maps.

You can set application-specific mouse settings, so that it scrolls slow only in SketchUp and faster in other apps. You do this through the Logitech Options software you should have installed already.

Disable smooth scrolling, that is the way I am set up.

Me too (MX Master 2S mouse). It is almost impossible to press the middle mouse button when the wheel doesn’t “tick”.

Ok working now after I unstalled Setpoint and installed logi options. Stuck with 1 line scrolling on web pages now… my finger is going to fall off… Is there any other workaround for this for better mousewheel control in Sketch web and “normal” scrolling behaviour in chrome?

Use the software to create custom scroll settings for each app. Super easy to do and would solve the issue.

In Windoze go to Setings>Devices>Mouse

I know how to change the scroll sensitivity. If I set it to 1 line, Sketchup works fine but scrolling normal web pages is painfull. If I set it to 3, web pages work but Sketchup is unusable.

I am using the web app - you can only setup a scroll setting for chrome but I cannot distinguish between Chrome:Sketchup and a normal webpage.

Check to make sure you do not have smooth scrolling in the extensions for Chrome, If so disable it.

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