Scroll wheel doesn't zoom?


Hi everyone, I’ve got a Red Dragon Perdition mouse and when I scroll the scroll wheel, sketchup doesn’t zoom. It’s the same for my trackpad. I’m running Windows 8.1, and I have Sketchup Pro. Thanks for the help!


Maybe this will help you.


I looked at that, but I’m using my mouse’s driver for a lot of things. I was wondering if there might be another solution. That, and my trackpad is also not scrolling, and I’m not sure that I can uninstall that without losing functionality.

Edit: Also, my generic mouse has the same issue…


Any updates on that problem? I am having the same issue - fresh sketchup install, and zooming using the scroll wheel does not work in the main window. However, scrolling the instructor pane works, so this is more than weird…


this depends on the type of event the mouse wheel is issuing if used in connection what the application is expecting.

using the native Windows driver should normally work w/o any probs, using a proprietary driver of the make of the mouse may lead to this issue.

you can either try to unistall the proprietary driver of the mouse maker or configure the driver concerning the event issued (i.e. ‘universal scroll’).

Mouse zoom impossible

Goodness that was a while ago. I’m affraid I don’t remember the specific
fix, but it might have been that I was using katmouse, a little app that
helps with scrolling. I’m not sure about that, because I still use it and
don’t have the problem anymore. So sorry I can’t be of more help. Good


Problem identified. I am also using katmouse and after disabling it, scrolling works again in Sketchup. Cheers!