Sending sketchup floor plan to Layout

When I send my floor plan from Sketchup to Layout it appears on the side of the A3 paper but not in the middle and cut’s out some of the floor plan.
What did I do wrong?
Thank you

It will have to do with the way you set up the scene in the SketchUp model. Share the LayOut file so we can see exactly what you’ve done and help you get it sorted out.

This is my first 2D floor plan ever so, could be I am doing something incorrect.

Share the actual file. One thing is clear, though. You didn’t set up a scene for the view in SketchUp. First use Zoom Extents to get the model to fill the model space, then create a scene. After that send to LayOut.

Ok. So, now I have to watch tutorial how to create a scene first.

Why don’t you go through the tutorials at The information is there. Learn to use the tools before you just dive in.

I asked twice that you share the LayOut file. If you had done so, I would have set it up correctly and shared it with you so you can see how to do it. The SketchUp Fundamentals at the link I provided will help you out.

Managed. You’re right I had to set up scene first.