Sending a drawing from sketchup make to layout

I have been trying to send a plan I created in sketchup make to layout. I’ve created the drawing in 2D, plans and elevations. When I send it to layout, the drawing is cut off at the edges.

I would assume you are using the trial of the pro version? LayOut is not available with SketchUp Make.

You can resize the viewport in LayOut by dragging the edges or corners. Did you create scenes in SketchUp first?

Yes Dave, that’s right, trial version…

I’m not sure what “creating a scene” means. I used line tools to create a 2D drawing of the structure. I’ll give it a try with resizing and see what happens

I did manage to re-size my elevation drawing to make it fit. Now I’m trying to put another drawing I made onto the same sheet (the opposite elevation). I haven’t figured out how to make them both the same scale so that they will come out properly when printed.

Any tips?


First you need to get more familiar with SketchUp. Creating scenes is a fundamental operation. See

To be able to set a scale for the viewports in LayOut, you’ll first need to make sure you’ve set the camera to Parallel Projection and a standard view in SketchUp. (Camera menu) Then in LayOut, you can select a scale for the viewport in the SketchUp inspector window.