Sides being cut off when "Sent To Layout"

I have a 2D model in sketchup that I would like to send to layout so that I can print it on a sheet of paper. When I click send to layout and choose a template, the corners of the model are being cut off. I have tried nearly every template, and outer parts are still being cut off.


Maybe you just need to drag the edges of the viewport to show the rest of the model? Upload the LayOut file so we can see what you are working with.

I read through a number of forums before posting my own, and I saw mentions and screenshots of “viewport” but I cannot find the setting where I can adjust viewport. I am using a Mac if that is helpful…

Select the viewport with a single click. Then drag the edges of it to show the full model.

If you share the LO file you’ll make it easier to give you specific help.