SketchUp models cut off when put into LayOut - Help!

Hi, Gang:

I am trying to figure out why I cannot export complete models from SketchUp into LayOut. I am trying to export two-dimensional floor plans but sometimes the very ends are cut off and sometimes the left and right thirds are cut off.

I cannot identify any reason that this is happening. But, clearly SketchUp is telling LayOut to render only part of my document. I’m guessing that this has to do w/ margins or something like that but I cannot cannot cannot figure it out.

I am using SketchUp Pro 2015 and LayOut 2015 on Windows. I am an advanced amateur user of SketchUp but largely unfamiliar w/ LO.



Have you tried changing the size of the viewport in LayOut?

Did you create scenes in SU to use for the LO viewports?