2D Model getting cut off when sent to Layout (on Mac)

I am completely new to Sketch Up and trying to create a simple construction document in layout from a 2D floor plan I created in Sketch Up Pro (on Mac). When I send it to Layout, it cuts off about 1/4 of the drawing on the left hand side. (It does this even when I just tested it with a rectangle)

I also am not sure how to get the official looking construction document…I tried changing different styles but it just remains a blank white template. Where do I find these so I can have the official documentation in the right margin? Thank you so much!! : )

Here is an image of what I am seeing on my end in Layout:
Cottage 1st Floor Test 2.pdf (164.9 KB)

The viewport gets cropped to fit the aspect ratio of the paper which is shorter than the SketchUp model window. You can resize the viewport by dragging the edges to make it fit. If you have to make it wider than the paper, you’ll have to change the scale for the viewport to get it to fit. Or use a larger paper size.

Share your LayOut file and I’ll set it up for you.

You probably ought to spend some time going through the instructional materials at learn.sketchup.com

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Wow thank you!! Here is the Layout file.

Cottage 1st Floor Test.layout (237.2 KB)

And yes, I am definitely working through the instructional materials but just needed to figure out this one for a simple document we needed now. Thank you again!

Give me a few minutes. Also check your PMs. click on the T in the purple circle at the top right corner of the forum page.

Ok actually I need this one more that the first one…you don’t know how much this is helping me!

9.20.22 Cottage_2nd Floor Drawing.skp (60.7 KB)

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For the fun of it:

9.23.22 Cottage_2nd Floor Drawing.skp (652.9 KB)

It was good to talk with you the other day. I hope you were able to get the document off to the client in time.

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Thank you!! I am going to keep learning how to do 3-D models as well!!

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Thank you Dave!! Yes, I was able to do my two other floors based on what you showed me and it worked out great! Thanks again for all of your help : )

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