I can't frame a shot on Layout

Hello everyone,

After several hours of trying, I can’t frame my 2D plan created in Sketchup when I insert it in Layout.

I join you a shot of my 2D plan on Sketchup and a shot after insertion on Layout.

Can you help me please? I looked for the answer on the forum but I did not find it.
Thank you so much !

Then, find here the sketchup shot of my plan

Share the LayOut file so we can see exactly what you’ve got. I expect the solution will be simple enough.

Hi Dave,
Thank you for your return.
I join the layout file
Export Layout.layout (202.4 KB)

Firstselect the viewport and in the SketchUp Model panel on the right, select a suitable scale for the project and the paper size. Then drag the edges of the viewport to show the model. Here I selected 1:20 which is clearly too large for the paper size you have selected but you can see the idea.

If you don’t care about the scale of the drawing you can just tick the box for Preserve Scale on Resize before dragging the edges of the viewport. Generally, though, it’s best to choose an appropriate scale.

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It works! Thank you so much.
Sorry for this noob question!

Just to be sure, I made a mistake on Sketchup?

No need to apologize.

No. In LayOut. Look at the SketchUp Model panel in the tray on the right side of the screen. In my gif you can see where I set the scale for the viewport.

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Thank you very much Dave

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