'Send to Layout' from SU opens wrong template

Hi, If I choose from Su “send to layout” it opens the wrong template.

I do have 6 templates and I did choose the wrong one. Did close that, and did try again, but then it doesn’t open the LO template chooser anymore but directly the wrongly chosen template. Even worse after a restart from both app’s SU and LO it stil choose the wrong template.
I did not save SU after sending and choosing the template.
how does LO know what template I did choose before,
how to get my template chooser back,
how to replace the template from the current LO ?

SU version 16.1.2418.
I can’t remember having this with the previous version.

Feature request:
So why not having inside the SU “send to Layout” a submenu with the available template from LO?

That’s odd. I regularly send the same SketchUp file to LayOut more than once and use different templates each time. Each time I use Send to LayOut, the template selection window opens.

As an option for your work flow, you could open the right template and then use File>Insert to insert the SU file into it.

Select LayOut>Preferences>Start Up and for the option “Use Selected Template” set the correct template.

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@Dave- I do this right now as an workaround.
@yogesh- But in this case, okay, not only this case, I got for the SU drawing more then one template, Like A3 and A1 sizes.

Anyway, It works normal again for now. Not sure what is different after a restart from the iMac.

There was one thing after the restart, there where a few preferences plist damaged, and put in the trashcan, maybe the LO too if there is one. Should check my SSD drive I guess.

BTW, de LO pref templates prompt request was still selected.