Lay out does not open files using "send to lay out"

Hi there, when using “send to lay out” from sketch up, the program opens but the file does not. It used to work ok, but now cant find the reason to the failure.


You say that Layout opens when you select the send to Layout button within SketchUp. Does a pop up window appear in Layout asking you to choose a template to use for the file? What about if you open Layout and start a File>New, do you get that same template choice pop up? Is it possible that the template window is opening off your screen?


Hi, tks for answering. The window used to pop up to choose template, but not anymore. If I try to open the file from lay out it does not open the sketch up file

Possibly the Choose Template window is opening offscreen. Open Layout and choose File>New then try following these instructions to retrieve the window. This can happen if you sometimes use multiple monitors or a laptop dock.