Send Selected Components to Layout

Is there a way to select a component or components in a model and send only the selected elements to Layout?


Check this thread:

It might be useful to consider that LayOut is only displaying views of the model you’ve sent to it. If you only want to show a limited number of components create a scene in SketchUp that displays only those components. Use tag visibility to control what is shown and what is not. If you are using the current version, you can also control tag visibility for the viewport once you get into LayOut.

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You can select anything in SketchUp, copy it, and paste it into LayOut. But, for each time you do that you end up with another model reference in the LayOut document, which could get pretty big. What Dave talks about gives you the same end result, with only one model reference.

In later versions copying and pasting from SketchUp to LayOut doesn’t copy all of the properties, either. For example, I copied the selected stuff from this model.

and pasted it into LayOut where it looks like this.

And because it is an embedded file, it is no longer connected to the original file.

And the file bloat after copying and pasting twice…

If you choose to use Copy and Paste this way, not only do you get unnecessary file bloat but changes to the model would have to be made in each copy which is harder to manage and prone to errors.