Pick Components in Layout

Ok - imagine this:

  • you open work on a model
  • you save it and send it over to layout
  • in Layout there is (NEW FEATURE!) a component picker that can give you an isolated view of ANY component in the model. Like they did with tags.
  • No more work-arounds like “Create a Scene per Component” or “Save components out to single files” - Any component that is in the model can be shown in a layout.

It would be SO awesome.

You can already show the components by themselves by choosing which tags are visible in LO. Why add complexity to it?

Hi Dave,

thanks for the (quick) reply! See it as a suggestion. Maybe I am the only person that needs something like that. Could be.

I love the new Tag-Visibility Feature in Layout - that was a game changer - absolutely! Remember when you had to really do EVERYTHING with scenes! But it makes me crave for a more direct approach to access components for layouting purposes.

The Tag-solution would force me to add hundreds of tags to layout components. For example - I am working on a boat right now, that consist of several hundred components. Somebody comes into my office and says: "I need some details on these 8 elements. Ok - now I need to make some detailed layout of 8 components to give to a that guy. In order to do that I would need to either:

  1. Add 8 layers (one for each) each component (which is completely redundant and error prone - the component is already defined) OR
  2. Add 8 scenes (one for each) that isolates the component OR
  3. save 8 components as a file each.

There is a nice Eneroth Plugin for handling exporting and importing components that saves some hassle but it still would be so much nicer to go the direct route.

Does that make any sense?

(“I need a drawing of that countertop NOW!”)