Folders for components

Soooo…. You have figured out how to have folders for tags…. How about folders for components. I have so many different component types at different scales and purposes eg: doors, windows, - Floor levels - special parts - dimension lumber, building materials - and so on…… the list gets really long and messy…. No matter how hard I try to code stuff.

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I agree 100%. I find the in model components window basically useless after a model gets to a certain size. Even if there was an option to just show the current selection (1 or multiple) in the components window, instead of the entire model. Or if the existing 3D warehouse search bar could search in the current model also.


What you want to archive with Folder for Component? Classify or control visibility? Why not using tag for “folder”? Assign all door components to tag named Doors, etc… Tag system and nested components can.

I believe the OP is asking for a simple hierarchical structure within the In Model section of the component browser. Something that can’t be achieved with Tags.

I guess ‘we’ need them component folders to filter full-components and parts-of-components.
Just as a model can contain multiple tags, it would be nice to be able to make folders for specific component parts.
This way full-components are way faster to find inside the components list, spacially when you have for exsample 100 components with 10.000 seperate parts wich can not be groups since many of them are a like and used in multiple components. you may need to scroll down 10.100 parts to find the sepcific component you need, OR you only need to scroll down 110 (100 components + 10 part folders) to find the same component.
Do i still make sence? Anywho would be a much appreciated future feature :slight_smile:


Maybe a new toggle in the entity info window to show or hide the component in the browser could work…

This would mean the world! And imagine (pipe dream) if you had a component browser in Layout where you could just drag a component from inside a model onto a page to create a few basic viewports.