Multipel views direcktly when importing


IM working whit a SU moddel whit about 300 diffrent components that i now need to do fabrication drawings for. I need drawings whit al the comon views (front, back, left, etc) is ther any way to set up SU and layout so that i get al views directly when i import my file in to layout?

The workflow i use now is, the complet model, copy one component, paste the component in another SU window, rotat the component so i get al views, save, import in lo, Add messurments, done.

Ther need to be a bettet way.

I would like something like copy from the model, paste in lo, get the pasted file to open in al diffrent views, ad messurments, done.

(I know i can set up the views

Check this extension:

export all components in the model into a project folder:

In the component panel, choose in model collection (little house icon), then on the blue details button: ‘Save collection…’
Choose the created folder.(offcourse you had purged,first)

Now, you have all components in that folder.

Create a new document in LayOut, insert the first component and set up your views by copy paste the viewport and setting them to the standard views.

Save as template.

Open a new document, choose template and in File->Document Setup->References relink the viewports to the next component file.

It is not best practice to use standard views in LayOut (better to refer to a scene made in SketchUp) but if you do not alter the component files, it will save you creating 1200 scenes…

Still 298 components to go, though, you might get in touch with a ruby developer…
(Devcamp just finished) :smiley: