Selling Woodworking PDFs on Etsy

Hi! I have just downloaded the trial and we are deciding if Sketchup is for us. We are looking to create pdfs and use the model pictures we make in the pdfs. Is that allowed? My husband thinks that this would put us in the commercial category and cost us three times what I have set aside for this purpose. I looked for a phone number to double-check but I can find any way to contact Sketchup.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Your husband is correct. If you are using SketchUp in any way for your business, including selling on Etsy you will need SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Shop. With SketchUp Pro you will also get LayOut which is perfect for creating plans or other documents from your SketchUp models.

Thanks so much, Dave. Bummer. But, better than finding out later. :slight_smile:

Really it’s just a cost of doing business and in the grand scheme, it’s not much of a cost. You should be able to spread that cost out easily over the projects you do.

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