SketchUp to Construction Documents

Hi there, I’m looking for someone who has skills in taking a SketchUp model and outputting a set of construction documents. I can send sample models to get an idea of what I’m after. I have been hitting a road block, where the local engineers and architects that I work with, are not savy with 3D and prefer a scaled PDF, but I just don’t have the time to photoshop that all together and don’t know how to do it in SketchUp. I would be happy to pay per square foot, just let me know what your rate would be.

Thanks, Mike.

Kindly advance the Source Data SKP along with direction regarding what’s to be included in the CD’s. I’d use LAYOUT to generate subject results.


If in case still looking for help

Kindly connect - jameskevinn 1 0 (at) g mail (dot) com


Does it have to be in SketchUp? I use an architectural software and I can do layouts and produce a 3D drawing of the layout. Let me know if that may be something you are interested in.