Looking for paid help getting my construction documents over the finish line

I’m working on a small house plan, this is a personal project for me and my wife. We gave a deadline of April 1 to have the application for permit in, and I’m finding the last mile to be daunting.

I have completed (stamped by the county) site plan, and completed floor plan, elevations, foundation plan, plumbing, and electrical. I have a very detailed sketchup model.

Basically I am looking for someone to put in 3 or 4 hours, who is skilled at creating construction documents, and can use layout. I’m more needing someone who really knows how to create CDs, as I’m getting hung up on what exactly the county wants for details. What I need at this point are the structural details. I have an engineer who has done the engineering, but wanted to learn the process of creating CDs with SU/LO myself, and save money as we are on a tight budget, and he was happy about that anyway because he is so busy.

Anyway, I need someone who can work on this asap, I know that is a tough order and don’t really expect anyone to respond but I thought it was worth a try.

If you are interested please either respond to this thread or PM me.


Oh, I forgot to mention, this is a very unconventional build.

You mean you want help visually laying out the structural details, or you need somebody to go through your model, pulling out measurements and details and then including them on a document?

I can give you a hand but I don’t use Layout only In Design.

That is a good question. I guess it is a little of both. What I really need is someone who knows how to create CDs, even if by hand, and can tell me what details are needed to illustrate. I know sketchup well, and can hack my way through layout pretty well. But, need to know what level of detail needs to be illustrated in 2d form and in the right format.

Here is an example of some of what i have created for the technical details. What I have seems kind of cartoonish, not professional, and not the conventional way drafters would do it. I don’t think layout if very good at making CDs, it has many limitations and feels really clunky and not well integrated with SU, whereas SU feels like a great 3d modeler.

details3.pdf (967.2 KB)


I have sent you a message.


Jack, make sure you get someone who is a licensed SketchUp Pro user for this work.

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Depending on your location, it might also be required that the documents are produced by a professional licensed to practice in the area.


Yes, I see seismic strapping around a window in the example drawing. I’m used to all kinds of hurricane resistance stuff here on the east coast, but I’m not familiar with all the seismic stuff in California.

Wow seismic strapping and hurricane resistance sounds intense, and all I have to worry about here is the cold :cold_sweat:

Not even the snow?
(taken by my wife about a week ago somewhat north from here, the structure is used for summer BBQ-s)

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I guess up North, not so bad here, probably a mix of living on the coast and the fact it’s always raining! It’s been shorts weather and outside beer time here since Sunday!

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