Help Design my Next - and probably LAST home!

I’m am in search of a collaborator on my project. I’m expecting to pay for the help I receive!



  • California Certified Engineer!
  • SketchUp license you have allows commercial use!

Highly Desired:

  • You use SketchUp for modeling and Layout for Permit/Construction documents - I ALMOST made this a requirement as I want this to be a collaborative design - and I use SketchUp and Layout. But I didn’t put it in required in case you want to convince me of another way to collaborate!
  • You have experience with projects cold areas - Frost depth of my parcel is 2’ - Ground Snow Load 3’

Project Description:

I will be building an (approximately) 12’ x 20’ detached sleeping quarters with a 7-10’ porch on one end (in addition to the 20’ building dimension).

I want the roof to be a single roof over both, Simple gable roof with slope/structure sufficient for snow load + possible future solar on one side of roof.

Entry will be above grade by 1-3 feet - design will anticipate a future wheelchair ramp to porch from ground.


  • Bedroom
  • Home Office
  • Toilet (composting)
  • MINIMAL food prep (most done in common house)

I want to be able to live in this as long as I can, including possible future restriction to a wheelchair for mobility, so design will be to ADA guidelines, but no need to formally certify ADA compliance.


  • Electical service: unmetered, entering underground (metering at common house - feed from Main Distribution Panel in common house
  • Water: Cold water only coming in underground - use will be LOW! 2 sinks (handwashing in toilet room, occasional small dishes in 2nd sink somewhere). NO bathing (common house again)
  • Waste: NO Blackwater (see Composting Toilet). Sinks to drain to grey water tank in crawl space - not sure where to go from there!

Help I need:

  • Design of entire structure BELOW the subfloor - I’m not familiar enough with foundations/crawl spaces to do it myself. Crawl Space WILL be heated in separate zone - to keep above freezing in winter. This means foundation will also likely need some insulation.
  • Review my design from subfloor up - especially with recommendations as to how to transition from standard stick framing to porch framing!
  • Once everything is nearly final, prepare documents for Permit - including all the various California Energy Code calculations/attestations (why I insist on California Certification!)

Preferred contact method:

  1. Reply to this topic saying “I’m sending a PM”
  2. Send a Forum Private Message introducing yourself (briefly), expressing interest, and willingness to talk for 30 minutes or so on the phone as a free, initial “get acquantainted” talk. Be sure to include your phone number and good times to call!

Note this “get acquainted” call is the only time I expect you to offer work for free! Subsequent time will be paid per terms we’ll negotiate.