Looking for home designer

Hope this isn’t a taboo topic so please forgive if so and I’ll delete the ask. I’m trying to find a professional home designer familiar with codes in Thurston County, Washington. I’ve modeled the house but don’t know enough about code to take to the finish line. Looking for someone that I can hire to do the engineering/construction drawings and hopefully without having to start from scratch in acad. Again sorry if this isn’t a good subject for here and really appreciate a point in the right direction.

Thanks, Mike

Mike, beaware that you will be solicited by scammers like the first respondent. Vet the person you hire carefully.

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Thank you Dave! I see what you mean.

Sent you a PM. You will not have to start over from scratch … delivering construction drawings from a SketchUp model is what LayOut is all about. That’s the good news. The bad news is that success will depend on how your SketchUp model is organized … and on the level of detail in your model.
E. Godsey