Looking for Santa Barbara, CA area Draftsperson or Architect

Hi, I’m a homeowner who’s been burned by unresponsive architects in the past (weeks/months to turn around edits), and I’m trying to control the workflow on our next project a little better.

I’m looking for an experienced SU user who can take our new property survey and create a full as-built model with proper terrain, tags (setbacks, trees, building levels), etc. I’d eventually like to use the model for different construction documentation for renovations on multiple structures, so good model management is important. I tried the remote freelancer option already, and got a bunch of deliverables I didn’t ask for.

I’m also a motivated student, so even someone who could tutor in-person would be great. I’ve been enjoying Nick Sonder’s book, but applying his methods to my project is not exactly instant gratification. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for such a great community!

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Hi, I’m not exactly in Santa Barbara but close (Oxnard), if you don’t find someone local I could take a look and let you know if I can help you. I’ve been using CAD surveys for some of our work where we need better references for building clearances, easements etc.

If you do it yourself, give this plugin a try “[Plugin] Add Height from Datum • sketchUcation • 1”, it’s really helpful and time saver while working with levels.

Am not in CA … so if you want someone who can make site visits I am not your guy. Not clear what problems you had in the past with “remote freelancers” … but I do this type of work for a variety of architects, builders, remodelers and the occasional homeowner … all over the world … all without problems. Would welcome the opportunity to take a look at your project.

You are off to a great start with Nick Sonder’s book. He and Matt Donley are excellent resources … both for using SketchUp and Layout … and for organizing SketchUp and LayOut. (These are related … but distinct … topics.)

Meanwhile, if you want to develop an accurate as-built model of an existing structure, I suggest you hire a real estate photographer who does Matterport photogrammetric scans. In addition to the real estate industry, Matterport is now focusing on the AEC market … thus they recently began delivering an .E57 point cloud that can be used directly in SketchUp to model a structure. Plus, with Matterport, you also get a great photographic record of the existing structure.

I will send you a PM with my contact info if you would like to follow up with me on any of this.

Was thinking something similar to @egodsey.

Going to freelance sites and even trying to find freelancers thru this forum can lead to less than incredible results. This is a bit of an ad for www.sloped.io, where we test and certify freelancers in Sketchup & Layout so they can then create contracts with design businesses of all flavors.

One thing we have discovered (and is seen over and over again in the many questions posted in the forums) is that many who say they know how to use Sketchup don’t generally know how to build proper models for the purpose of creating 2D construction or presentation drawings within Layout. Nick & Matt have forged the way for this skill in particular and as we see it, knowing the basics of those foundations that create good drawings will create some of the most hirable freelancers.

If you are a business @ebo, and you don’t find a solution here on the forums, you might go check out Sloped. We are working hard to create a great resource for both pro level freelancers and businesses who need them.

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Thanks @egodsey ! I have actually started with point-cloud models using Canvas.io. Their email support has been awesome, and they will combine interior/exterior scans into a single .skp. We’ll see how it goes!

Cheers, thanks @KeithBrooks . I have signed up on the sloped.io site, will keep an eye out for follow up there.