Seeking Architects in Bay Area

Greetings. I’m new to the community and not sure this is the best category to post this search. I’m consulting with an accessory dwelling unit company serving the San Francisco Bay Area and we’re looking to connect with local architects for design and production of construction documents for unit prototypes as well as individual site adaptations of the prototypes for specific clients. In particular, I’d like to identify companies (or qualified individuals) that produce documents in SketchUp and Layout. Any interest or recommendations?

I can contribute with you for design and production of construction documents in sketchup and layout, I have experience in Architecture with Sketchup & Layout since 2008.

I design 2 and 3D cad drawings. I have used Sketchup for 11years and I have 4 years of Revit from PCC, I will rebuild old blueprints if needed (I have the tools to take an old floor plan without diminsions and put accurate diminsions back into the plan), and I will go into any home and take measurements and reconstruct the walls in the plans to make the client happy. I can also take any floor plan and create a 3D model of the house with some help from the clients color schemes I can bring their dreams to life in 3 dimensional views. I can then render the image to a more realistic view and finally I can format the image into an animated AVI image. I am willing to go into foreclosures, flipped homes as well as any other type of renovation. I am willing to do floor plans, foundation plans, details, section plans. I am very interested in helping in any way possible. I would also like to sit down and go through what I can offer to your business and your clients. I have volunteered to help build props for several functions.

I am available and I will give you the results you are looking for.


Stephen Mentzer


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