Seeking a SketchUp Expert in LA

This post can be deleted (I don’t see how to myself). If anyone reads this in LA, come to our closing reception Thursday night 8/6 at the Building Bridges gallery at Bergamot Station. 2525 Michigan Ave. Santa Monica, 90404, Unit F2. Plenty of surprises await :smile:

Original Post:
I have produced a series of classes aimed at inspiring and empowering the general public to try applying design thought to their own lives and homes. One of the classes I have been planning to offer is an intro to Sketchup, with the class geared specifically to teaching people how to model their own home, and then play with modifications. I am posting here hoping to find an expert sketchup user who believes in my effort to close the gap between architects and non architects. This is time sensitive, as the available time slots are two weeks away. While we are already publicizing in general, it is important to get this locked up asap so that it can be publicized on its own and people can start registering and planning to attend.

Apologies if this is an inappropriate post here, i know this is where I’ll find the experts, and the effect will be to build the sketchup user base so I hope Sketchup doesn’t mind.

For a list of classes already being offered, please visit!3d-printing-101/c1ymb
from there, click on the Hidden ARTifacts logo at the top left for the main site.

Thank you!!

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