Printing in Free Form of Sketchup


I use sketch-up for personal woodworking and cannot afford or justify the Pro version. However, I would be happy to purchase a lite version that included print to PDF option that comes with pro version. I wish you would offer this - from forums I guarantee many people would buy.


In the meantime, there is a workaround: both Windows and Mac have “print to PDF” pseudo-printers you can install. I can’t guarantee that the image quality is the same as the Pro version exporter in SketchUp provides, but if you tweak the print options it may be good enough.


Thank you for the suggestion. I use this work around today but the quality (even after tweaking) is not as good as the original print to pdf option available in the pro edition. My point to the Sketch-up team is the program is not very good if there is no way to produce good quality output I can take to my shop. The pro-version has many features I do not need as a amateur woodworker but I would be willing to pay for ability to print out good sketches.