Exporting 2D pdf in free version 2017 make

Hallo, I am really enjoying the 2D export to pdf, because it helps me traverse my work into illustrator.
I would like to use this great functionality of Sketchup. Unfortunatelly this is only the paid PRO version and my 30 day trial is over. Sketchup PRO as a bulk is useless for me in general (other then this export), since I model in other program, and thus its two expensive for me.
Is there a walkaround - perhaps an pdf expoter, or plugin for Sketchup I can purchase separately? Or any other way?

Thank you very much In advance

It’s not free but you might try PrettyPrint. Probably, since you are a hobbyist, it should be adequate.

DaveR, thank You very much! I will check that out.
I am not a hobbyist, though, version for professionals?

Then you shouldn’t be using SketchUp Make at all. You are violating the EULA by using it for your business.

Yes, I now that, and I do not, obviously. Thats what I am trying to figure out, here.
But buying a whole package for 2 or 3 export a year is no go. :frowning:

Probably need to look at something other than SketchUp, then.

Ok, thank you anyway!

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