Export to PDF in SketchUp Make no longer possible?



Hi guys!

I downloaded Sketchup Make about 30 days ago and was able to export files to pdf. Suddenly it wasnt possible anymore… when i use the roll down curtain it just isnt available anymore with pdf format. I didnt have the pro version but the layout and stylebuilder that now after 30 days dont have a license. Is there a fix for this or do I have to buy pro?

Many thanks in advance.



Make runs as a trial version of Pro for 30 days, and Layout and Stylebuilder are Pro features. So are some export formats.

If you are using SU for any commercial purpose you need to pay for Pro.

If it’s only for non-'commercial use, there are several programs, some free, that install a pseudo printer, which you can use to Print (not Export) to PDF.


Ok, thanks John! I dont need to print, just to be able to export to PDF. I just need it for a couple of weeks. Maybe an alternative is to get a new trial version in my wives name and email. SoI tried that, but was blocked due to some of the software already was installed on the computer and I dont know if I can remove it without removing the files I have drawn?


The files are (probably) in your user directory and not part of the software, so not affected by uninstallation.
But be aware that the SketchUp installer will detect that it was previously installed and the full trial period was already consumed.


Ok, so I guess the only solution is to buy the Pro version?


If you are using it commercially, yes. You would need to do that anyway for commercial use, whether or not you needed PDF Export

But if for private use only, install a ‘PDF printer’ - you don’t physically print, just create a PDF file when you choose Print in SU, and pick the pseudo-printer.


Make vs. Pro


Ok, thanks! Its just for private use, so I will try to install a PDF printer tonight. Is there a printer you can recommend… Im a bit of a lamer :slight_smile:



Try google for ‘windows best free pdf printer’. Of those listed, I’ve tried CutePDF (but I think it may no longer be free) and Bullzip.

Or see this recent article:


the best free I know of is ‘eDocPrintPro’.

Be careful installing PDFCreator… installs adware if not disabling by using the option for a custom installation.


Thanks so much guys!


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