Matching PDF Export?


I have a trial of Sketchup 2015 and 2016 on a iMac and MacBook Pro and I’ve worked with the line export (PDF) from the iMac and as the trial has expired I’ve moved onto my MacBook Pro.

The problem is that because the screens are different sizes, when I export on the laptop, it cuts off parts of the drawing and takes it off alignment with the pdf I exported from the iMac.

Eneroth has a plugin to resize windows, but it only works on a PC.

Is there another work around or perhaps calculation to change the export size?

Thank you.

Surely there is a way to do this? It would otherwise mean spending 2 days to work from a different screen resolution export… (boss won’t pay for the pro version!)

Then you shouldn’t be using SketchUp. Plain and simple. You’re violating the EULA for SketchUp Make.

The best solution is to use LayOut if you need PDF exports. There’s no problem setting up the size and it doesn’t matter what the drawing window size and shape are.


Isn’t Pro needed to use Layout? (either to export it or to use layout)?

We have the free version (Make) but to export a PDF ASAIK it needed a Pro license, hence the trials.


You can’t just continue using trials. You need to purchase a license.

Tell you boss that he’s violating the EULA and breaking the law.

You are using SketchUp Make at work. That is illegal, and you are just making matters worse by circumventing the trial rules by installing on different computers one by one. You must either buy Pro or stop using SketchUp altogether.

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Thank you, I totally agree.

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