Selection tool got real slow

Using SKU Make. Had a glitch while using the program then a “Bug Splash” dialog box opend asking if I wanted to report the issue and before I could the program closed. Now when I use the program I get a long delay or pause when I use the selection tool. Have not done any recent updates for SKU or Windows that I am aware of.

Windows updates are usually done automatically. And often when they are done, they screw up the graphics drivers. Intel graphics are notorious for poor OpenGL support in the first place. Try rolling back the graphics drivers to an earlier version and see if that helps.

Dave, thanks for responding but I’m not sure I have the computer skills to accomplish that. I did check my Windows update history and the last update was 10/20/2018. I have been using SKU a lot since then without any issues until this glitch today.

Dave, I did a little looking around in my computer and managed to find the location to Roll Back my Graphics driver and that appears to have solved the issue. Thank you very much for your help.

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