Selection Problems in 2021

I have problems with selections in 2021. I just updated today to 21.0.391 but still have the same problem:
Anyone else having the same problems?!

Possibly - yes - but very intermittent. To me it felt like a mouse or keyboard input issue…ie a lag or dropped input. I’m on a new PC so I put it down to a windows setting.

I wonder if the mouse/keyboard polling/reporting rate has been changed somehow in 2021?

Hm, dropped input can’t be the reason. Because in this case, click and drag to make a selection box would work or not, but it is not selecting all entities as supposed…

Hi there,
Found the problem, it is related to the gModeler Extension:

  • If I close it, it’s working, otherwise it’s not.
    I will send this to the gModeler support team.

Thanks for all your suggestions!