Sketchup 2023 / Selection Problem

Hi, the selection by mouse is not working…when i click mouse bottons nothing happens (and it’s not a mouse plroblem)

Your profile says you are using Windows 7 and SketchUp 2023.
I’m not sure that’s compatible…

Please correct your profile [if necessary] and attach some useful details - like SKP models etc…

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(1) Make sure that the modeling area has focus.

(2) If the modeling area does not have focus, ie: the SketchUp application window caption bar is grayed and does not have the focus, then perhaps a child window has the focus but is off screen.

To move the child window back into screen space, hit ALT + Spacebar on your keyboard, then hit the key for the Move command in your language. Then wiggle the mouse around on the screen. (You might need to hold the left mouse button down, I can’t remember exactly.) Then hidden child window should jump to the mouse cursor, so you can place in within visible screen space.

You should be able to now close the child window and use SketchUp normally.

This kind of scenario often happens after unplugging a notebook from a dock, or when an external display is no longer connected. The perceived “lock up” usually happens because the child window is modal like a message box or SketchUp’s LoadError dialog window.

one thing i’m experiencing regularly - if i have the DC options or DC attributes window open, trying to select the object and move it (for example), it keeps bouncing back to the window, so i have to try it 3-4 times before it releases me. if i close the DC window, then it’s all good. so definitely something wrong with the semi-modal window…

I quoted you in an issue report I’ve just opened …

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I just had something similar that i assumed was the plugin fault (Madeek Truss plugin). It requires 3 selection points to establish a plane then pops open a dialog box. The 3rd click never actually accepts the click but it does open the dialog and im cought in a loop of trying to get it to take the 3rd point and it simply keeps popping open the dialog box over and over. I either have to force close SKP or if lucky can escape out of it. It works in SKP 2022.

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