Select command


Installed the latest SK 2020.1.229.

Would like to confirm if anyone is having and issue with the select command… it seems to stop working and slection can only be done through crossing or normal selections windows.

Admittedly I may be having issues with my PC, that is way I would like to rule out that it is not a SK issue ?

Thanks in advance.

Select command working for me on latest SU.

Is your problem in SketchUp or Layout?


This has occurred in Sketchup, not Layout.

Yesterday I was working on a laptop with dual monitors and granted this laptop needs to be upgrade.
However, today I have been working on a totally different … desktop machine with more than enough specs to run SK efficiently and the same issue occurred.

However, when the pc is restarted and once in the drawing … zoom extents is activated … orbit around, the issue seems to be resolved.

I have been taking some old cad symbols of people etc and converting them to 2D SK symbols, as we know these old symbols have more lines than required. To “clean” up a bit, I have used the following plugins:

  • Architects tools - Flatten Selection
  • Edge Tools2 - Simplify selection & Close edge gaps
  • 2D tools - fillet & 2D adjust

When one does this for a while then one is not able to select just by pointing at a surface or edge… and selection only works with including or crossing window. Try selecting first the grey area indicated.

Also, you may notice that 3D objects, (boxes on the RHS of the image below), are not correctly displayed, almost as if they are not closed off or surfaces missing or hidden.

I enclose the drawing to demonstrate. When the drawing is opened first try to select the grey surface or the symbol… then only zoom extents.

systemCheck.skp (6.6 MB)

Due to file size limitations was not able to upload the full drawing.

Thank you for your kind attention.

The camera has become corrupted. Here are the camera settings when I load your file:

Camera eye (-1596700990.085709 m, -31413165658.746265 m, 111256854310.81723 m)
Camera target (156795633799.245972 m, 3084764785971.555176 m, -10925394469954.429688 m)
Camera up (0.0488489, 0.961043, 0.27205)
Parallel Projection

I’m not sure how this happens, but I’ve seen it a few times on the forum before. I see you’re using parallel projection. I suspect it happens with parallel projection when you zoom in/out a lot but I can’t prove it. You have a few small objects which have large distances between them, including this stray edge:

Edge (423.737 m, -353.045 m, 94.350 m) to (428.706 m, -350.738 m, 94.108 m)
Length 5.484 m in A___cir_caminhoss_paths tag

I’ve not changed anything apart from resetting the camera:
systemCheck_gm.skp (6.7 MB)


Yeah, that makes sense as when I re-zoomed … or zoomed extents the issue was resolved.
Thank you for your input.