Selection problem. Can select by edges but not face

I had this come up over the weekend while fiddling with a barn door.
The larger part of the door is a group containing the diagonal brace (group) and loose geometry.
Oh and of course if the group is copied to a new file it works correctly.

Weird. Can you share it?

zoom in, does it work, then? I have also noticed it sometimes.
Zeems like fighting!

That seems to be the cause.
More information, there was a very similar door in the same location but hidden with the eyeball in outliner. I moved that component and it works correctly.
Once editing that group, I wouldn’t have thought geometry outside the group would be an issue.

The hidden door is on the right
Two door seedat

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Here’s the file if anyone wants a peek. I removed the hardware since it wasn’t mine.


barn doors invisible z fighting.skp (314.6 KB)

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