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My son has been working with SketchUp Make following a couple of tutorials. We would like to purchase the SketchUp PRO license for students,but there is one technical issue which prevents us from doing so.
All works fine EXCEPT for the “selection” option : selecting objects in SketchUp 7 on Windows 10 works extremely slowly (10 seconds or more we have to wait with every selection click).

We have created a WINDOWS SYSTEM INFORMATION file, which you can download here (Google Drive) :

All the latest drivers and WIndows updates have been installed. We are desperate to solve this very annoying problem.

Is there a way somebody can help us out with this issue? I have googled around but cannot find any CONCRETE indication of what to do.

thanks, with kind regards

Emmanuel Lambert & Arnout Lambert

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hello Dan, thanks a lot for the feedback, appreciated.

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